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In “Rain of Gold” is known as a detailed good three ages of two families which may have adventures and struggles beating many obstructions such as poverty, violence and discrimination. In the beginning caught up inside the Mexican innovation of 1910. Tracing their very own migration towards the United States as well as the difficulties they will faced, this portrays an accurate picture of life in Mexico in the early 1900’s and in the coastal part of California during the time of prohibition throughout the 1930’s..

Socially Espirito lived in poverty that he necessary some money intended for his people he had a lot of sweet drinking water that he had gotten from your Rio Urique River to travel and sell it to Put on Carlos retail outlet because these people were poor and wanted some money for their people.

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Thus then he gave Don Carlos some gold nuggets that were well worth a lot of money so he started trading the stones for food and clothes after put on Carlos observed how much having been making then, he made a deal to espirito to sell him the part of the spring nevertheless the spring was from the folks who use it.

Politically don Carlos offered the river because he could not get more gold because he and espirito they made an agreement saying that wear Carlos can only find the gold from the top part in the canyon high cliff and not to dig any kind of part around the river.

And so after a few years he understood that the most important was to sell the gosier cliff to someone else. Wear Carlos sold the gosier cliff to Bernardo Garcia he was a rancher that had not any fear to no one or perhaps anything, this individual decided to get into the water to get more rare metal out of it, travelled he recognized that he wasn’t receiving gold any longer he sold the encolure cliff to an American miner’s company.

Everything around canyon cliff did start to disappear by constructing large buildings, highways after the business prospered in 1910. Monetarily espirito people was really affected when they received kicked out from the canyon high cliff because the money they were rendering it was to get the American mining.

Socially Lupe Gomez had to work at a young era and she also would help her mom with the mineros to make the meals, but some day moved with her family members to the U. S. in 1923 to work in the cotton and fruit domains of Arizona ( az ) and A bunch of states and committed Juan Salvador Villasenor, who taken an identical route, in 1929.

Socially Juan is at so much in discrimination when he left South america to go to Oregon with his family. one day Juan went to a café to eat breakfast and he requested ham and eggs and coffee if the man observed him this individual told Juan “but you see, my man, she’s new and so your woman didn’t understand we can’t serve the Mexicans. “(Villasenor pg. 232).

Like in where I saw on a video that there was this enthusiast that was working for 37 months inside the u. h. a he went to this kind of restaurant and outside the restaurant he did find a sign in spite of this “no People in mexico allowed. “(Los Mineros). The Mexicans were discriminated because they were People in mexico or also because of their skin color. Politically, the laws in the usa in the 1900s was the People in mexico were not allowed in eating places, schools, stores, and other spots just because of their skin color also because they were People in mexico. Economically

In summary, this history is based on how this families have variations between the two families’ challenging journeys of survival however, portrays their similarities and just how their travels culminate inside the joining in the two people through the marriage of the youngest son with the Villasenor family and the youngest daughter in the Gomez friends and family.

The two people experience different journeys while Juan’s family members was poor in South america after when being wealthy, however , in the United States, his friends and family becomes better off due to Juan’s entrepreneurial activities. Meanwhile, Lupe’s family would not experience the same fortune because they leave Mexico as a lower-middle class relatives that backed itself through its providing food to miners and occasional locating of precious metal, and they are unable to obtain monetary prosperity when ever crossing in to the United States and struggle to subside and are constantly moving because they work in the fields picking crops from one place to an additional following the pick.

Despite the problems that these two Mexican households suffer within their attempt to avoid the Revolution and in their particular hope of a better life in the United States, Rainfall of Rare metal depicts the social and economic struggles of Mexican families and the prejudice that they experience in the us and how Mexican immigration is just like African immigration as well as Chinese language and Japanese people immigration in to the United States. Ahead of both families’ immigration to the United States, Juan and Lupe’s families are centered around their moms.


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