Self-management and Self-motivation Essay

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Published: 31.01.2020 | Words: 556 | Views: 406
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this individual purpose of this kind of report should be to define, self-management and self-motivation. This essay is about the value of self-motivation and self-management in my studies.

Motivation is one of the factors that cause, channel, and maintain an individual’s behaviour (Stoner, 2006) When management may be the process of organizing, leading, and controlling the work of business members and of using all available company resources to get to stated organizational goals (Stoner, 2006). Self-motivation is important because it helps all of us to achieve desired goals that we have set for themselves and it also may help us to know what are our strengths along with our disadvantages. I will inspire myself during year among my level by having a fresh hobby which can be reading.

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Examining is very important for my studies and studying English catalogs can help me personally improve my English language. Besides, it may also help me to improve my sentence structure. All my level subject are taught in English, and so by examining English books I can boost my English and once I am good in this terminology I can focus better in class and completely understand what my own lecturers deliver.

Moreover, I will also attend seminars which have been related with my own course to motivate me. By participating seminars it may help me to boost my understanding about every one of the subjects i am consuming year 1. Furthermore, it might also help me to gain even more knowledge and perform better in my examinations. The knowledge which i have learned may also help myself when I begin working in the future.

In my opinion, self-motivation is important to all person. Self-management is important because it allows one to end up being productive without having to be told repeatedly. It is a essential life skill which gives persons a chance to include satisfaction, success and growth in work. Things I have to manage throughout 12 months one of my own degree can be time and anxiety. I need to control my period properly since if period is not managed effectively everything should go wrong and problems may possibly occur time to time.

I will organise my time well. During study period or when doing my project I will finish first then relax and ensure all my essential works are executed. All my job can be handed in promptly if my personal time managing is good. Besides, stress can be challenging if your not well prepared that I have to manage well.

I must manage my anxiety well, since if I do not handle this well, Let me have a very hard time during my studies. There are a lot of assignments during the level programme which may cause stress easily. To be able to overcome stress I must start of my job early. I think, self-motivation and self-management are very important. If we do not deal with these two points well all of us will have a hard time during each of our degree programme.

I must make sure that I are motivated and manage very well for a dazzling future. Last but not least, I hope i will have fun during my degree programme and turn into a successful person in the future.