Of Mice And Men Essay

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Of Mice and Men was written by David Steinbeck regarding two strange friends called Lennie and George and is based through the Great Depression. The story is about two friends who have stuck jointly, while many other folks were separated, through the lack of jobs and money.

Because of the Great Depression the American society changed drastically. Many hard working people experienced left out and started to realize non-e of their dreams were going to becoming reality. Steinbeck is trying to show the American Desire does not often come true.

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The American Dream means that should you go to America and continue to work hard enough you are going to become rich and successful. In this book there are three important personas who are extremely lonely and isolated and the names happen to be Candy, Crooks and Curley’s wife. Sweets is separated and lonely because he accustomed to be a superb worker, but one day his hand got chopped of and he got outdated and became a swamper and was ineffective.

No one respected him and they shot his dog because he was older and disabled just like him. This manufactured him believe they had tiny regard pertaining to him. Criminals has a related problem, he is black and is disrespected as they live in a racist culture. He provides a very good job looking after the horses. This individual lives next to the mounts as he is definitely not allowed to live in the bunkhouses.

Curley’s wife situation can be even worse staying so remote that they cannot even keep in mind her term. She is the only woman on the farm, they will call her slag mainly because she basically dares to talk to other people. There exists absolutely nothing drastically wrong with her discussing with others because she is looking to make friends. Lennie and George are different constitute the other characters, they are certainly not lonely as they have got each other to talk to.

The other point that is distinct about Lennie and George is that they move from plantation to plantation as they have got each other to get companionship with us this ain’t like this, we got another, we got a person to talk to which gives a really about us. During the 1930s there was more workers than jobs this was called unemployment. The workers would do anything for money but few acquired paid well because there was too many personnel.

There us to be competition where that they worked. There was clearly less co-operation between the workers and they did not feel good functioning there. People would make people feel put down in order to get jobs.

The people received really anxious, it was like Lennie and George shifting from farm to ranch. People would get angry very easily because the qualified people could argue together with the normal jobless people saying that they should get more money which the others significantly less qualified staff. Slim was a jerk like Skinner and he worked on the farm, he was extremely skilled and was not replaceable.

Unlike a number of the workers having been very safeguarded in his job, because of his calm character he is just like and trusted by his fellow personnel. There are numerous workers who have been working on the farm however jobs are generally not as protect as Slim’s. Candy’s accurate and virtually only good friend was his dog. He previously him as he was a wonderful puppy who have became an excellent sheep puppy.

He then grew old, stinky and impaired. He was a bad useful puppy anymore and people on the plantation could not find him like that. The people wished to put the puppy out of his agony and shoot him. Carlson said to Candy he is not a good to you, An’ this individual no good to himself. Sweets said to Carlson I had the dog too long and he hoped other people will think a similar.

Candy viewed for help from person to person, having been hoping that just Carlson wanted to put the puppy down. The very last person he asked was Slim as well as he stated he was to be shot. Carlson was the one that shot your canine as he planned to put him out of his misery he shot him. This had a awful effect on Candy and this individual felt that his is in the same circumstance and the same task could happen to him. Candy would have carried out anything intended for his puppy not getting taken, he was his best friend..

Candy felt dissatisfied and felt he did not have virtually any friend. He felt lonesome, he would like on his modern bunk bed and deal with the wall structure. He believed that his time was almost finished within the ranch. He felt like his dog, having been only getting kept on the ranch as a result of his damage.

He likewise felt that his job was at risk.