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A1a. Educating Situation The teaching condition in the video was a normal computer laboratory type of classroom. The furniture were set up around the edge of the room as well as an aisle in the middle with two long desks.

Computers were placed on the top of tables which has a adequate spots in between allowing each student to have enough space to work. On the wall of the classroom there was a blackboard, as well as a LCD screen that was utilized to demonstrate students what the teacher was doing on the teachers laptop. A large wooden cupboard is positioned alongside in the blackboard.

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There is also a globe and an over head projector that is near the instructors computer and workspace. Every student is seated in their own pc. A1b. Educational Activities Trainees s in the video had been instructed to create a summary on the computer using a term processor. First, the students examined the material that they had read as a group.

Second, the students create a graphic organizer on the computer that showed the key ideas and supporting information on the information they had read. Finally, the students produced a summary on the computer and evaluated their summaries together as being a class. A1c.

Instructional Delivery The instructional delivery that the educator presented in the video was direct training when the girl was critiquing the students browsing material. Down the line, the educator employs computer assisted training by using the LCD panel to project her word control example towards the students. The technology that was designed into the lesson was a computer, a word digesting program, along with an FLAT SCREEN panel. A2a. Level of Student Engagement Through the lesson, the students were actively listening to the teachers instructions as the girl described the actual were to do.

Learners used the technology in the lesson; initial, by using the computer and also the expression processor to be able to create their particular graphic organizer as the teacher instructed them to perform. The students were mimicking the teachers actions by observing how the girl was preparing the doc in the phrase processor. A3a. Connection Between Choice of Technology and Training Purpose The instructional purpose of the lesson inside the video was for students to learn a piece of material and then write a summary with what they had examine.

The seen teachers choice of using a term processor while the technology in the lessons indicates which the students were expected to practice their computer skills through a word processor chip to type their summaries. The students used the technology to create a visual organizer as being a document and also to type their individual summaries of the reading. A4a.

Connection Between Performance of Lesson Delivery and Student Use of Technology The lesson was delivered by teacher projecting her monitor onto the LCD panel for the students to view and follow along automatically computers. The teacher talks about what she’s doing for each step and allows sufficient time for the scholars to complete each step with her. The potency of the lessons was to possess students practice their laptop skills and also their synopsis skills.

The scholars actual make use of the word cpu as technology prepared these people for long term tasks that could be required of these to complete on a term processor. A4b. Explanation of Thinking Process The thinking process i used to come to that particular conclusion was based on the teachers interview where the lady states the fact that students need to learn how to use personal computers because the technology is becoming a growing number of applicable within their daily lives. The instructor was able to combine the two responsibilities into one simply by fusing their computer lessons into a examining lesson too.

Personally, I actually find that anytime a teacher can combine two lessons into one is using amount of time in the class room well. A5a. Alternative or perhaps Additional Kind of Technology Yet another form of technology that could be used is the computer system program called paint. This software is basically a blank canvas where the user can easily create drawings by using their particular mouse or by using designs that are inside the program. The scholars could use color to show a field from the studying.

A5b. Justification of Suggestions My reason for my personal recommendation of using fresh paint to reflect a landscape from the studying is to provide another position for students to use their reading comprehension and apply it artistically on the computer plan. Most students will see using color fun, and won’t recognize that its work. By using the program Paint, in addition, it provides an opportunity for visible and responsive learners to make use of their understanding. A6a.

Initial Reactions My own initial reactions after viewing the use of technology in the online video was impressed. Because of the evident age of it, I was impressed to see students using computers and expression processing when ever computers had been very expensive and never as readily available as they are today. The students were, then, suffering from cutting edge technology! What really impressed me when I viewed the video was the use of the LCD panel. I did not understand that that technology was readily available so in the beginning, and it is very useful when displaying pupils step-by-step instructions on a computer.

A6b. Explanation of Considerations What I considered as My spouse and i created ideas regarding specialist implications regarding the use of technology in the classroom is the fact I plan on incorporating it as much as possible within my own classroom. Today especially, technology is somewhat more important than in the past and students should be knowledgeable about technology in the or her classroom, when experience can be not available to them in the home.