Andres Bonifacio: Story of Life Essay

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Bonifacio was the boy of Santiago Bonifacio and Catalina sobre Castro in Tondo, Manila, and was the oldest of five children.[7] His daddy was a tailor who dished up as a tenyente mayor of Tondo, Manila, while his mother was obviously a mestiza created of a Spanish father and a Filipino-Chinese mother who also worked by a cigarette factory. Because was custom, upon baptism he was called for the saint about whose banquet he was given birth to, Andrew the Apostle. Bonifacio’s normal education was cut short if he dropped out to support his siblings after both their parents perished of condition. He sold canes and paper enthusiasts he made himself and made cards for business companies.

In his later teens, he worked as a mandatory to get the Uk trading company Fleming and Company, where he rose to turn into a corregidor of tar, rattant and other merchandise. He later transferred to Fressell and Organization, a German born trading organization, where he worked well as a bodeguero (storehouse worker). Bonifacio was also a part-time actor who performed in moro-moro takes on. Not polishing off his typical education, Bonifacio was self-educated.

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He read books regarding the French Revolution, biographies of the Presidents states, books about contemporary Filipino penal and civil rules, and books such as Victor Hugo’s Des Misérables, Eugène Sue’s Le Juif errant and José Rizal’s Noli Me Interessare and El Filibusterismo. Aside from Tagalog and Spanish, this individual could speak a little English language, learnt coming from his working for J. M. Fleming and Co.[8] Bonifacio was wedded twice, initially to a certain Monica who died of leprosy. He then hitched Gregoria para Jesús of Caloocan in 1893. That were there one child named Andrés who passed away in infancy of smallpox (Chickenpox).

In 1892 this individual joined Rizal’s La Liga Filipina, a great organisation which called for politics reform in the colonial govt of the Israel. However , La Liga disbanded after merely one meeting since Rizal was arrested and deported to Dapitan in Mindanao. Bonifacio, Apolinario Mabini and others revived La Liga in Rizal’s absence and Bonifacio was active at organising neighborhood chapters in Manila.

La Liga Filipina contributed moral and monetary support to Propaganda Activity Filipino reformists in Spain.