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Knowledge and Understanding Describe various ways of arranging data which has been researchedData is known as a group of information that is used for lots of different functions. Data reporting is once data is extracted kind of source or many options and then converted into a certain formatting which then can be used for a specific purpose.

There are several different ways to organise info such as tables, charts, charts, statistics or spread sheets. This data can be used to come to a lot of conclusions and make essential decisions in the industry. So as the data is very important it ought to be produced in an obvious way that meets the objectives and targets in the organisation. Explain different ways of reporting dataThere are lots of different methods of credit reporting data. Good examples of it staying shown is at spread sheets, bar graphs etc . When delivering info to different members of staff it is possible verbally or via e-mails or sit down with them face to face and have a one to one meeting.

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Inside my work place We only operate the office with one other person (Tracy) thus we talk all day and i also update her on all my emails and so forth Describe the purpose of presenting info to the decided format and within the arranged timescaleWhen showing data, it ought to be presented in a agreed formatting and must be also inside the agreed timescale, this is therefore then the person that is ready on it gets it the way that they would like it. For example they might need it in a spread linen as they might not be able to find any other record. I do a e-shot list of all consumers emails and i also put them to a spread bed sheet format on Microsoft surpass.

I put all the names and emails of customers in a list and once I’ve completed this kind of I examine it over and send this via email over to the marketing administrator Stewart. Whom then will certainly email all of our customers the latest presents and discounts.