French and Indian War Essay

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A large number of people arrived at the colonies looking for independence to practice their particular beliefs unhindered, start a new life, or perhaps make economic gain. The two England and Great Britain needed the terrain in the ” new world ” so that they fought The Seven Years’ War, or the French and Indian War.

During the battle, Britain allowed the colonies to function mainly independently within a practice called salutary overlook. When the war was over, Great Britain attempted to assume tighter control of the colonies. However , a long period of salutary forget had transformed the colonists’ thinking and way of life.

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Following the war, the colonies wished to govern themselves, wanted to maintain their overall economy from staying drained and restricted, and wanted their rights just as English citizens back in the homeland. After the battle, the colonies wanted to continue in the politics system they enjoyed over salutary disregard. During the warfare, the groupe stayed close with their mom country as they fought the French and the Indians but mainly governed themselves. The settlers were inclined to provide in the conflict with the United kingdom regulars.

While the war progressed, the colonists understood they were certainly not treated while using same admiration as English regulars (Doc C). That they began to resent the British regulars nevertheless continued preventing because the menace of the The french language still loomed over them. After the battle was over, the palm of the English government began squeezing the amount of money out with their economy with tax laws and regulations in which they had no declare (Doc H). The settlers were not necessarily angry regarding the taxes but instead what it designed for their personal freedoms.

These people were most very angry by the insufficient representation within a Parliament that saw these people solely being a source of revenue (Doc F). Parliament was irritated the colonies are not making them enough revenue to pay the war financial debt and attempted to regulate the economy by seizing control of the various colonial government authorities. The groupe were also unacceptable to settle beyond daylight hours Appalachian Mountain range, a vast amount of property they had won in the warfare (Doc A).

The groupe no longer needed defense against the French and wanted to govern themselves in addition to the overbearing mother country.