Inside the Square: A Case Study Essay

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These and other scope management problems would trouble the delivery of the Federation Square project in all additional interrelated knowledge areas. The Federation Square project illustrates the importance of clearly identifying, communicating and enforcing project scope using external stakeholders in order to avoid damaging effects in other expertise areas.

This kind of sacrifice in quality emerged much towards the dismay with the architects who had been primarily dedicated to safeguarding their very own original design and style. Despite being a difficult decision with stakeholder management outcomes, it was necessary in order for the project to meet schedule goals. This is an example of the decision making process needed by Project Managers once balancing job cost, some quality. This was not a systematic method to quality assurance and resulted in the architects implementing a style of micromanagement creating significant discord with other associates. The implementation of robust, organized quality assurance processes would have eliminated such a predicament.

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PAGE 1 It was uncertain from the case study as to whether there was clearly an effective top quality control routine in place. Top quality control operations in the Federation Square job largely contained approval procedures such as the requirement for builders to evaluate with the recorded when adjustments were made that would alter the appear of the completed product. There was however conditions where this quality control process was not followed, because witnessed by altercation between the architect and builder pursuing the sanding from the floor on the entrance to the atrium (ABC, 2002).

The project administrator failed to definitely engage and manage the specific situation to ensure the requirements of each stakeholder were heard and where possible, attained. It is only through effective communication that additional project administration knowledge areas can be implemented such as incorporation, scope and stakeholder administration. The designers preferred a dynamic routine in order to safeguard the quality of the project in case technical issues in the development phase came about.

The Job Manager made a decision to declare the date and in doing so attempted to merge and unify the requirements of stakeholders included. Whilst the project administrator may include used several techniques such as the quality, cost, time triangle to make a decision PAGE a couple of (Atkinson, 1999), the application of the use management methods had to be used on make the decision end result effective. Effective application of job procurement management, human resource management and quality, expense and time based decision making contributed to a project which, even if late and also budget, sent an well-known structure to Melbourne’s CBD.

The PMBOK Guide will not ensure excellence, is definitely not a replacement for experience, nevertheless offers an ideal practice way for Project Managers commencing the trip of a fresh project. WEB PAGE 3