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PREAMBLE We, the citizens of Cape Attach County and Pujehun Section from both equally Liberia and Sierra Leone in the United States of America; usa in common goal, hereby rededicate ourselves for the principles of sustainable famous connection among our two countries. It really is in the interest of the peoples of both Tewor District in Liberia and Sorogbema and Makpele chiefdoms in Sierra Leone especially; and the Liberians and Sierra Leoneans by both Cape Mount State and Pujehun District in america in general; to realize, protect, propagate, and reveal Cape Support County and Pujehun District National knowing of belief in the form of togetherness, social, charity, teaching and observance.

That the energy of Shawl Mount County and Pujehun District’s Educational, Economic, Sociable justice, ethnic, equality and peace, are the foundation of everlasting strength. The Gallinais Kingdom Union members in the United States imagine and accept that, in order to help the people, we must have trust and eco friendly Unity between ourselves. You cannot find any reason why Shawl Mountanians plus the people of Pujehun Area cannot seriously come together, stay together and make great things happen without making pressure in any member. FRAME FUNCTION The Gallinais Kingdom Union/GBEYAH River Ethnic Initiative’s platform is based on person freedom, Educational awareness, ethnic, charity, and the core family bond with full flexibility in both equally Cape Attach county and Pujehun Area.

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The Gallinais Kingdom Union/GBEYAH River Social Initiative Bylaws is bound by the Us Constitution. Gallinais Kingdom Union pledges to conduct it is affairs in a manner worthy of a free world and sincerity. The Gallinais Kingdom Union/GBEYAH River Ethnical Initiative is actually a Union with perpetual succession; powers to buy; hold and dispose of property- tangible or intangible; enter into contracts; drag into court and be sued; and do all of that is necessary with regards to carrying out the aims and objectives with the union.

To ends and upon these principles, all of us do create and choose these bylaws. ARTICLE 5: MEMBERSHIP MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: SUBSCRIPTIONS: There shall be an initial contribution of $. by most members and thereafter monthly subscription of $ ARTICLE 7: BODILY ORGANS OF the Gallinais Kingdom Union/GBEYAH RIVER ETHNIC INITIATIVE The Gallinais Kingdom/GBEYAH RIVER ETHNICAL INITIATIVE in america shall have the following internal organs: 1 . The National Executive Council (a) The Gallinais Kingdom Union National Exec Council should be the administrate arm and supreme making decisions body of most activities susceptible to the Admonitory Board plus the general subscriptions. (b) The National Professional Council will probably be subject to the laws states, these bylaws and the rules and regulations made generally there under. (c) The National Executive Council shall have power to establish committees to serve the eye of Gallinais Kingdom Union; and these kinds of committees will probably be headed by vice seat. (d) The National Exec Council shall meet by least at a place and time for you to be given the green light by the business. (b) Regulate and screen the implementations of procedures. (c) To determine budget and approve plans to raise cash. (d) Allow the publication of newspapers/pamphlets; and strongly propagate the policies and ideologies from the Gallinais Kingdom Union. (e) Receive and consider information and recommendation from the Admonitory board.

THE CHAIR OF THE GALLINAIS EMPIRE UNION NATIONAL EXECUTIVE AUTHORITIES (a) They shall be the primary operating official of the National Executive authorities. (b) He/she shall be chosen by associates of the Gallinais Kingdom Union (c) He shall be chosen by a basic majority of most registered and paid up members up to date and shall hold workplace for a length of TWO years. (d) He/she shall enforce the rules and rules of Gallinais Kingdom Union in accordance with the bylaws. (e) He/she shall preside within the National exec Council group meetings. (f) He shall have the power to find any National Executive Authorities officer as being a shadow seat to chair the Nationwide Executive authorities meetings. (g) He/she shall not hold office for two consecutive terms. THE VICE CHAIR (a) The vice couch shall be chosen by users of the Gallinais Kingdom Union. (b) In the absence of the chair, the vice couch shall carry out the tasks of the chair. (c) The vice chair shall seat all the established committees THE SECRETARY STANDARD (SECGEN) (a) He/she will probably be elected by simple many the Gallinais Kingdom Union paid up to date members. (b) He /she shall function as the chief administrative scribe or perhaps officer of the Gallinais Kingdom Union National Executive Authorities (NEC) as well as the entire Gallinais Kingdom Union. (c) He shall summon meetings around the advice of the chair with the Gallinais Empire Union National Executive Authorities (NEC) and shall be accountable for taking a few minutes which shall always be go through before future meetings. (d) He/shall register and issue membership credit cards to all the Gallinais Kingdom Union members and liaise with the financial officer or perhaps treasurer to see that subscriptions are paid out up to date. (e) He/she should be the custodian of the official stamp and seal with the Gallinais Empire Union. (f) He/she shall keep appropriate records at all meetings.

THE DEPUTY SECRETARY GENERAL (DEPUTY SECGEN) (a) The deputy secretary basic shall be selected by a straightforward majority of the Gallinais Empire Union paid out up to date associates. (b) Inside the absence of the secretary basic, the mouthpiece secretary standard shall perform the duties of the admin general. THE COORDINATORS (a) Coordinators happen to be charged with coordinating almost all social activities and capabilities etc of the Gallinais Kingdom Union in concert with the women’s Leader plus the Young era Leader while using advice with the Advisory Board to raise funds.

THE TREASURER (a) They shall be chosen by a simple majority of the Gallinais Empire Union paid up to date people. (b) He shall receive all payments paid towards the Gallinais Kingdom Union and issue statements. (c) They shall present at the general meeting the income and expenditure in the Gallinais Kingdom Union while requested. (d) He/she shall keep the Gallinais Kingdom Union accounting papers including deposit and disengagement slips. (e) He/she shall keep a monthly petty cash not exceeding $100. 00. (f) He/she shall pay in all cash for the Gallinais Kingdom Union in Gallinais Empire Union’s account within two business days and nights.

THE WOMEN’S LEADER (a) She will be elected with a simple many Gallinais Kingdom Union paid up to date associates. (b) The girl shall liaise between the Countrywide Executive Council (NEC) plus the female Gallinais Kingdom Union members. (c) She shall seek the welfare of Gallinais Kingdom Union woman members in terms of need and works in close consonance with the Gallinais Kingdom Union National Professional Council (NEC) (d) The girl shall organize with the assistance of the young generation head all cultural functions of Gallinais Empire Unoin. (e) She shall organize and mobilize all women pertaining to maximum involvement in all the affairs of Gallinais Kingdom Union. THE YOUTHFUL GENERATION HEAD (a) This individual shall be elected by a straightforward majority of up-to-date paid up members of Gallinais Kingdom Union. (b) He shall liaise between the National Exec Council (NEC) and all Gallinais Kingdom Union YOUTH associates. (c) This individual shall search for the wellbeing of all Gallinais Kingdom Union youth members in terms of need and functions in close consonance together with the National Professional Council (NEC). (d) This individual shall plan with the assistance of the women’s leader almost all social features of Gallinais Kingdom Union. (e) He shall plan and mobilize most youths pertaining to maximum involvement in all the affairs of Gallinais Kingdom Union.

THE QUICK RESPONSE STAFF (RRT)- MEDIA AND INTERACTION CHAIR (a) He/she should be elected by a simple most up to date paid out up associates of Gallinais Kingdom Union (b) He shall behave as a open public relation officer of Gallinais Kingdom Union; and should be able to make clear the is designed and targets of Gallinais Kingdom Union anywhere with all occasions; and must work in close consonance while using Advisory Table. (c) They shall create contact and look after good functioning relationship with Gallinais Kingdom Union chapters and other companies anywhere. (d) He/she shall communicate, communicate and talk by any means important and reasonable in the interest of Gallinais Kingdom Union at all times. THE SIERRABERIA EXPRESS CHAPTERS The Gallinais Empire Union Countrywide Executive Authorities shall motivate the formation of Gallinais Empire Union chapters in person states went by a part chair.

They will shall elect their own officials according with their own regulations as essential. However , MOST Gallinais Empire Union chapters MUST operate consonance with the Gallinais Empire Union Nationwide Executive Council and Advisory Board. This is certainly a form of government relations between the Gallinais Empire Union Countrywide Executive Council, the Admonitory Board and the Gallinais Empire Union chapters in the United States. Gallinais Kingdom Union state chapters must tailor their own laws and regulations in nexus with the Gallinais Kingdom Union Bylaws. THE SIERRABERIA ADMONITORY BOARD The Gallinais Kingdom Union Advisory Board is definitely an independent and standalone Panel; and shall comprise of reverend, matured and gallant worldly experience people.

The Prediction Board people shall choose their own seat, vice chair and other officers as necessary with the Advisory Panel. FUNCTIONS The Gallinais Empire Union Advisory Board is to advice and if necessary, approves all coverage decisions with the Gallinais Kingdom Union Nationwide Executive Authorities (NEC) and Gallinais Empire Union state chapters in all concerns in both Liberia/Sierra Leone and Usa, before presentation to the Gallinais Kingdom Union general account. The Exhortatory Board must be sufficiently informed about all occurrences in Gabardine Mount region and Pujehun district.

ARTICLE EIGHT: MONEY AND EXECUTE ARTICLE TEN: Monthly dues/subscriptions, default, suspension and expulsion: (a) Right now there shall be a monthly due of $.. Payable by most Gallinais Kingdom Union users and.. (b) Any affiliate who does not pay his/her monthly subscriptions for two a few months shall pay out a fine of $.. (c) Any member who does not pay his/her monthly subscriptions for 4 months shall automatically stop to be a member of Gallinais Empire Union. (d) Such a part, who desires to re-register, shall shell out a fresh registration fee additionally advance subscribers for 5 months.

Nevertheless , his/her application shall be dependant on the Gallinais Kingdom Union National Executive Council on the advice of the advisory Board. (e) Any member in whose conduct is regarded as inimical for the smooth working of Gallinais Kingdom Union or not really in consonance with tenets of Gallinais Kingdom Union, shall have his/her membership rights terminated by two third members of Gallinais Empire Union upon the suggestion of the Gallinais Kingdom Union National Business Council and approval with the Advisory Table. (f) After written costs brought against any member, and upon such processing of this sort of charges while using Secretary General, and upon hearing thereof by the National Executive Authorities in a duly convened conference, and if found that those charges were authentic, the said member could possibly be suspended as well as expelled by Gallinais Kingdom Union. (g) Any member suspended or expelled, shall apply to always be re-instated following 3 months just before a panel of a few appointed by the Gallinais Kingdom Union National Executive Seat. An endorsement majority political election of this committee to override such suspension system or expulsion will be communicated to the National Executive Authorities, which will instantly rescind the initial decision.

CONTENT NINE: GENERAL MEETINGS DOCUMENT TEN: VOTING (a) Just Gallinais Empire Union updated paid up members in good standing and present on the day in the election, qualify to have your vote. They must end up being fully paid out up for least upon or before the last convention call or perhaps 5 days and nights after the last conference contact. (b) Nevertheless , under external circumstances, voting by proxy maybe allowed, if that member in whose vote is by proxy, can be fully paid up to date and in good standing. (c) Voting at any time shall be by magic formula ballot of fully paid out up authorized members up to date. (d) A simple majority is necessary of all decisions to be binding; and in the big event of a connect, the vice chair of Gallinais Empire Union Nationwide Executive Authorities shall cast the connect breaking political election. (e) This voting document shall be make sure to read this tutorial with all additional voting Bylaws submitted in advance.

ARTICLE 11: FULL INVOLVEMENT (a) Gallinais Kingdom Union shall be open to all Sierra Leoneans and Liberians specifically Cape Install County and Pujehun District who wish to become a member. (b) Participation in the affairs of Gallinais Kingdom Union shall be open pursuant to standards of non-discrimination and affirmative actions incorporated in to the Gallinais Kingdom Union Bylaws. ARTICLE doze CHANNEL OF COMMUNICATION TO BOTH LIBERIA AND SIERRA LEONE. (a) With the exception of the Gallinais Kingdom Union Rapid Response Staff (RRT) staff, all other Gallinais Kingdom Union communications to both Liberia and Macizo Leone, will be done by the Gallinais Empire Union Countrywide Executive Authorities via the Advisory Board.

This permits Gallinais Empire Union UNITED STATES to speak with a single voice also to avoid no communication ARTICLE THIRTEEN: QUORUM A quorum of just one third of Gallinais Kingdom Union associates shall be enough for all Gallinais Kingdom Union meetings. CONTENT FOURTEEN: AMENDMENT TO THE BYLAWS Notice of amendment to the Bylaws shall be circulated to all or any fully pay out up members 30 days ahead of the meeting when the suggested amendment (s) is/are to get tabled. After approval, this Bylaw shall only be amended/repealed by a two third most fully paid out up associates present and voting.