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1 ) The essential steps in performing a systems examine are (in order of occurrence): a) Analysis, style, implementation and initial procedure, follow? up b) Design and style, planning, stick to? up, analysis, and implementation c) Planning, system specs, analysis, production, implementation d) Planning, analysis, design, implementation, and stick to? up 11. Which of the following transactions best details business process outsourcing? a) A company concentrates on its core business processes and agreements with one more firm to complete the additional processes b) Companies frequently outsource core business operations c) Because of networked companies and advanced technology, more employees may work off their homes or alternate locations d) Initially, companies engaged in business method outsourcing to provide employees more opportunities to travel and more opportunities for advancement 12.

Networked enterprises and globalization have allowed a new business design called business-without-boundaries. Which will of the following statements details this business design? a) Businesses no longer have the ability to of their employees in one area b) It really is called offshoring and corporations contract with firms in other countries to do this sort of business procedures as human resources, payroll, and accounting c) Companies are under a great deal of overview to manage costs and make revenue and so they agreement with overseas firms to complete various business processes cheaper to the business d) each of the above transactions describe it 23.

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Which of the next best details a fundamental control weakness often connected with automated info processing systems? a. Automated data control equipment is even more subject to devices error than manual digesting is subject to human problem b. Automated data finalizing equipment procedures and records similar transactions in a similar manner c. Automated info processing procedures for diagnosis of broken and strange transactions are much less effective than manual control procedures deb. Functions that could normally always be separated within a manual program are combined in an automatic data digesting system twenty-four. The textbook identifies a number of issues that should be considered when having a security policy.

One of the issues is identify threats. Which in turn of the next is not an example of this problem? a) What assets should be protected twenty seven. Which of the following is not a standard objective inside the design of an info system? a)A system ought to provide information which is well-timed and relevant for decision making by administration and functioning personnel b)The output of the system ought to be highly appropriate c)A system should have satisfactory capacity to accommodate levels of regular activity; any extra capacity proves too costly in the long run d)A system should be as easy as allowed so that its structure and operation can be easily understood and its methods easily accomplished e)A program should be adaptable to accommodate alterations of a reasonable magnitude when ever required d) none from the above happen to be benefits of XBRL 36.

Lately many businesses include formed one common information resource within their organization organization known as database. A benefit of building directories is the sychronizeds updating of files with common data elements. One more major advantage of the database concept is the fact: a) Databases systems works extremely well in microcomputers as well as on large computers b) Database devices are simple to setup and maintain 39. Which of these is true about finding data in multi-media databases? a) It is not conceivable to search them because graphics have no text keys to get searching b) It is not feasible to search these people because audio objects don’t have any text keys for looking )c It will be possible to search for things in all of them because these kinds of characteristics since speaker or subject works extremely well as search parameters