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The Truman Show, aimed by Peter Weir, tells the story of Truman Burbank who discovers that his life has been the basis of a popular reality television show. In this cut we see Truman weather the storm that Christof utilized to try and prevent him. Truman then fractures through the obstacle of the show’s set and talks to Christof for the first time when he is around the verge of leaving.

Weir shows the strength of Truman’s figure and the fundamental theme, should you persist you will be victorious by utilizing vignettes, halloween costume and high diegetic audio. The Truman Show is a superb film that basically makes the viewers question their own concept of reality. A film technique that Weir uses may be the vignette. Weir uses it when the thunderstorm ends and Truman’s fishing boat is turning back up. This method reminds the viewer of how very false the world that Truman can be living in is and how very much he must persist to find the real truth.

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It shows us just how strong the character of Truman really is as he has continued to continue in this false world, overlooking everyone else’s opinions even though only having faith in his personal to find the genuine answers. Additionally, it builds within the theme that you will be victorious if you persist because Truman achievement closer and closer to precisely what is behind the camera’s vignette as he continues to persist. The second film strategy that Weir experiments with is the use of costume.

Weir uses it during the picture where Truman is escaping on the boat. Truman is wearing a jumper with self-same lines (stripes which can be the same shade as the fabric they are on). These stripes symbolize Truman’s imprisonment nowadays, similar to a great old-fashioned convict’s prison stripes. Earlier inside the film Truman wore incredibly vivid lashes symbolizing his strong imprisonment within the show. In this field his lashes are much significantly less visible.

Weir is showing the audience that through his strong and persistent figure Truman is slowly disregarding out of his jail and is having closer to seeking the truth. This use of halloween costume also forms on the motif that determination leads to win as simply by persisting to get the truth Truman is slowly breaking away of his prison, getting closer to learning the real answers. A third film technique that Weir uses is exaggerated diegetic sound. Weir uses this technique when ever Truman’s fishing boat breaks through the wall in the show. It has the effect of focusing the viewer’s interest on the significance of the fishing boat breaking through the wall.

This kind of act symbolizes Truman finally breaking free after striving and trying. At this moment in the film the character of Truman is usually fully developed and is strong enough to accept the simple fact that this individual has finally broken free of charge. It displays us that when faced with a mystery obstacle Truman had the courage to continue to question and eventually be familiar with anomaly.

In addition, it proves the theme you will be successful should you persist while after searching for truth his whole life Truman has finally won and broken free from all of the is placed and his imprisonment. This cut reinforces the theme that if you continue, you will be successful. The Truman show makes the viewer be familiar with power of tenacity and issue the truth of his or her individual life.