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Getting together with the requirements specs In the analysis of this project, the first things that must be considered are the first goals that were set for the device to meet. This is actually the requirements specification.

I will tenderize each objective listed in the needs specification and discuss perhaps the objectives have been completely met. To complete the newest system by deadline decided This necessity was fulfilled. The time that was arranged was your 21st Mar 2008 and the date that was used around the calendar of dates was also this kind of date. The database will have to be able to retail store enough documents.

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The equipment that was acquired for the new system to be stored on eventually was a one hundred twenty GB hard drive, and then was well enough to maintain the whole repository of information on. The system will need to alert the consumer when inventory is low or offers run out The query Out of stock’ along with its report counterpart is enough of the alert to allow user realize that staff has run out. However , there is no means of checking when stock is usually low, as well as the ideal alert for items that have gone out of stock would be automated rather than the end user having to work the statement or question.

Data should be backed up to minimise loss of data and also to reduce the amount of work if data does fail to find a way out A sufficient back-up plan has been constructed which included at least two ways of backing up documents at standard intervals. To find information about an item quickly The Find product’ problem is a good means of finding information about an item quickly. It allows the user to look for an item featuring a name or stuck in a job separate question a product IDENTIFICATION can be used.

Alternatively, items could be browsed through using the Goods form. Generate a unique IDENTITY for each client entered into the database. A distinctive ID for every single customer that is entered into the database can be generated. Generate a record intended for customer details entered into the database The purchasers form is employed to enter buyer details in the database, and its Add fresh record’ switch is a technique of generating a new record intended for the data which was input.

Produce an error if the customer previously exists in the database This kind of objective is actually not met directly, however you will discover measures that can be taken to find out if a customer already exists in the database. An error is not really produced instantly, but a question has been designed to check the repository for the customer. Show the fresh customer stand when a fresh customer have been added Each time a new customer is added the new customer table is usually not shown, however this is not essential as the user isn’t able to view the dining tables, but the info is immediately accessible by user with the Customers kind.

Show the modern customer desk when a customer has been wiped The same applies intended for deleting a client as pertains to adding a new customer. The info is certainly not shown as a table although is right away accessible with the Customers form. Generate a unique ID for each product added into the repository.

A unique ID for each merchandise that is created the database is automatically generated. Generate a record intended for product specifics entered into the database Once details of an item are entered into a Items form as well as the Add fresh record’ press button is visited, then a new record can be generated for the data which has been input. Show the new merchandise table if a product has been added The same applies to this since applies to clients. Show the new product desk when a merchandise has been removed The same applies since above. Generate a unique ID for each staff member added to the database.

An exceptional ID can be generated for every staff member that is entered into the database is usually automatically made. Generate a record for each employee added in the database If the details of a fresh member of staff will be entered into an employee form and the Add fresh record’ press button is clicked, then a fresh record is usually generated for this data that is input. Demonstrate new staff table every time a new employee is added into the repository The same applies for this as is applicable to customers.

Show the new staff table every time a staff member is usually deleted through the database. The same goes as over. Generate an exclusive ID for each and every sale that takes place A distinctive ID can be generated for every single sale that takes place is usually automatically produced. Generate a list for each deal that takes place When the details of a sale will be entered into the Sales contact form and the Add new record’ button is definitely clicked, a new record is produced for that info that has been suggestions. Show the new sales desk when a sale has been added into the databases The same applies to the as relates to customers.

Update the share levels pertaining to the item purchased after a deal. The same applies because above. Produce an error message if the client doesn’t exist When a deal is carried out, if a consumer ID doesn’t exist inside the Customers desk but can be entered into the Sales stand then a blunder message is definitely produced. Produce an error meaning if the item isn’t in stock A blunder message can be not directly created if an item is in stock, but when a staff member runs on the query to locate an item to reduce the share by 1, they should observe that the stock level for that item is 0. Correctly archive info from the sales table. Info can be archived from the sales table applying two concerns that have been created: an add query and a delete query.

Info older than 28 days within the income table is appended for the Archived Product sales table using the first question, then data older than 28 days in the Sales table can be deleted using the second. Brief summary table of requirements specification Here is a table to summarise whether or not the first requirements requirements has been achieved or certainly not: Objective number Target fulfilled Target partially met Target not attained Reason for not satisfying target Site reference 1 X 2 X several X Record created to notify user most items out of stock.

4 Times 5 Times 6 X 7 Back button 8 Back button Query created to check existance of customer 9 Back button Tables not really accessible by end-user, yet data readable in form 10 Times Tables not really accessible simply by end-user, although data viewable in contact form 11 By 12 By 13 Times Tables certainly not accessible by simply end-user, yet data watchable in type 14 By Tables not really accessible by end-user, yet data watchable in type 15 Times 16 By 17 Back button Tables not really accessible simply by end-user, yet data watchable in contact form 18 By Tables certainly not accessible by simply end-user, although data viewable in type 19 Times 20 X 21 Back button Tables certainly not accessible by simply end-user, but data viewable in contact form 22 Times 23 Back button 24 Times. Report created to show most items out of stock, and when updating stock amounts staff ought to know it is out of stock.

25 By Signed: _____________________________________ User response In the Implementation section of this project I issued employees at the shop with a copy of the new system and a questionnaire to fill in about using it. Here are the results in the questionnaire that we obtained. The primary menu is not hard to follow. True / Phony 10 0 Comments toward this assertion indicated which the main menu was easy to follow and desires no improvement.

It is easy to navigate around the entire system. The case / False 10 zero Comments about this question as well indicated that this needed not any improvement. There were indication that each area of the entire system is accessible via the main menu. Design is steady.

True / False 15 0 There were no responses about this assertion. The text over the system is readable. True / False twelve 0 Feedback stated that font was large enough to learn, and that the compare in shade with the background was significant.

The colour scheme is appropriate. True / Fake 10 zero Comments say that the colour system is steady, simple and appealing to the eye. The system is secure enough. True as well as False 2 8 Feedback towards this kind of statement mentioned that when the system is run, the whole system is accessible and thus a username and password should be needed in order to gain usage of the system.

The user-guide is not hard to follow and read. True / Phony 10 zero Comments primarily say that the user guide is easy and easy to adhere to. It explains how to use the program sufficiently.

Command word buttons are in a suitable place. True / False 10 0 Comments clarify that control buttons happen to be in a reasonable order and they are well outlined. All of the drop down lists work. True / False 15 0 There have been no responses about this statement. All of the appropriate information is definitely stored.

The case / Bogus 10 zero Comments generally say that data is entered into forms which is successfully trapped in tables. Information are sufficient and have a great layout. Authentic / Bogus 10 zero Comments say that the layout from the reports is definitely consistent as well as the reports show sufficient info.

All date ranges stored in the system work correctly. True / Bogus 10 zero Comments which the time is instantly entered into the sales stand, and all different dates inside the system correctly work. The validation guidelines work.

The case / Phony 10 zero Comments declare validation minimises errors once typing besides making the user aware that they have built a punctuational mistake. The validation guidelines are helpful. True / Phony 10 0 Comments declare spelling errors and keying errors are minimised as a result of validation rules that are in place. Almost all of the queries received completely satisfied answers.

The only exemption was that the database was secure enough. This received a slightly negative response along with ideas that the databases should have a password. It was originally within the design of the project but was left our during the system development level. The problem was, however , solved and the system was approved. Good items, bad details and feasible extensions Coming from my analysis so far and the user’s questionnaire, I are able to build a list of good points and bad points of the system: Good points The switchboard enables easy access surrounding the whole of the system A professional-looking colour pallette has been created to give the program a sense of uniformity.

On-screen textual content is clear and straightforward to read as a result of a simple font and excessive contrast for the colour of the background No faults had been detected in the user guide and everybody seems to be capable of use the new system Error messages happen to be clear in order to be corrected when they take place Validation on fields increases reliability of data that is created the databases and acceptance rules are normally found to be valuable Some aspects of the data source have computerized data access, such as ID fields and several date domains, reducing the number of work for the end-user It is quick and easy to enter data due to the varieties that have been created. Drop-down data are available in some fields to make it easier pertaining to the end-user to enter data Bad points Backing up could be very slow and time consuming due to data transfer to the particular UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS drive that was purchased having a slower transfer velocity.

Burning data on to dvds, and also eliminating data from discs, is usually slow Having to run two queries to archive data is wearisome, as it would be much easier to simply have to run one particular command in order to do it Archiving data is simple to forget and it would be useful to have a reminder every twent eight days Limitations. The system still has a few limitations, although it has been increased greatly, with improved productivity and much fewer chance of mistakes being made. Here is a list of constraints that the system has, and in addition some of the system requirements that had been not totally fulfilled.

There is not any automatic alert to tell the person that share levels happen to be low which more should be ordered in Paper has not been completely removed from the program. Reports are accustomed to create email lists of data to maintain in an store, or to give information for the stock control manager once ordering fresh stock and never have to load up the device The system is not able to produce simple guidelines every time info needs archiving There is no error communication generated every time a user is definitely entered into the database once again Possible extension cables There are still extensions that could regularly be made to the device, and time and funds allowing, these are not impossible to put into action at some stage.

Here are some of the extensions which can be made: When carrying out a sale, it would be a good option if the share levels may automatically be updated to lower the stock levels by simply one. A substitute for this would be to allow the user to reduce the level of share via the sales form, instead of having to locate the correct record using the items form It would be a good option for the database to make a reminder every twenty eight days to advise the user to archive old sales. This would decrease clutter in the database and minimize the amount of period it would take to look at data in the sales desk To permit the stock control manager to create a list of share that needs to be bought in instantly so that this individual could mail this for the manufacturer.

This may greatly reduce his workload.