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1 . INTRODUCTION The current technology provided us the theory to create a organization. A business which could deal to anybody. Some type of computer shop can be seems to be perfect. It monitored the time, fewer work for the master of the computer store.

But as that they used it, they realized that you will discover things which needs to be solved instantly so that it won’t affect the business Nowadays, most of the people especially in the organization is employing computer. The application of computer set changes to person. It decrease the task of the man plus some other things without spending much time on a job all their working on, due to rapid advancement of the technology, more organization have relied on the utilization of the computers. Computer is definitely applied to most operational and informational processing function of each business.

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It really is widely recognized which the scope of computer program must extend beyond style and development to include the business enterprise of the organization. This descriptive study identified the purposes and effects of usage about cyber café manila users. It was found that most internet café users are man, young, going after or obtained a college level and students that did not own personal pc and does not have internet access at your home and belonged to the middle- income people. Internet connection was the cyber café service the majority of availed. Primarily, the employed the internet pertaining to social networking, observing videos, searching information and sending or reading e-mail.

1 . you BACKGROUND IN THE PROBLEM The web café uses manual system in saving the usage of all their computers. They use a sign book made up of the following list: computer quantity, time in and out, time for you to be ingest and the add up to be paid out aside from this test, the server is usually obliged might or mind if the costumer are going to prolong their period they regarding the purchase. After that, they will encircle the computer number, calculate it simply by computing time, the costumer have consumed. CCM (Cyber Café Manila) system is frustrating and difficult. Occasionally costumer exceeded their use because they are not really guarded effectively and having this kind.

1 . 2 INTRODUCTION TO THE CURRENT EXPRESS OF TECHNOLOGY Technology in today’s their particular is constantly innovating at an instant pace. Almost everything that encompases us is centered on technology, the need of technology is affecting almost every part of society, including company’s businesses have come to count on sales and inventory devices. Advanced program on sales provide very reliable recording of sales from the business.

Product sales and inventory makes the business more effective, efficient and convenient to the business and its customers. This sales and products on hand system is supposed to help the business to show with their customer that they will be in line with the usage of technology due to the demand is incredibly high, By giving more reliable documenting of sales of the organization, hoping to increase their sales and a lot to increase the money of the business. Using the computerized way of inventory is much more outstanding and far faster than using the manual program. Indeed putting into action sales and inventory program on a firm is a big help because it reduce the work fill of the staff and decrease the component of human error.

Inventory systems are used in many diverse companies today as a tool to make sure the company strives in to success. Inventory systems serve several different capabilities for businesses; one purpose can be promoting the sales function by ensuring that the sufficient quantity of product is available for consumers, another purpose is shrinkage control, that is certainly monitoring the frequency of loss, robbery or break of products obtain. 1 . several PROJECT REALISTIC One of the greatest innovations in man’s never ending hunt for knowledge is the discovery of computers. In the beginning, computers had been mainly used pertaining to calculating purposes. However , since the year go by, man came up with the idea that computers can be utilised in various application.

Technology provides since evolve with the advancement more advanced and powerful computer system machines. At present a computer is identified as “an electronic system that accepts, shops, and method data to produce useful info and resolve problems. ” Computers have been completely classified in line with the fields of interest where they can be being utilized. Information method is one of these areas where computers bring inputting thousands of data rather than using classic mechanical strategies. These are later on processed to build desired result like overview lists and vital statics that can support an organization with the use of a repository, files could be maintained with the help of, changing, updating and holding them inside the existing document or in a fresh file.

There are lots of reasons why we have a need for an information system within an organization. Initially reason is the growing size of the organization which in turn would mean there is also an increase in the number of tasks and increase in volume of info generated within an organization in which a computerized program can perform a vital role. Growing number of company’s competitors also need to be consider.

Having an information system that may provide faster data processing could be an border over the different competitors to be competitive. installment payments on your 1 PROBLEM STATEMENT Café manila has a specialized problem with the compatibility upon Operating System used by a computer store. 2 . a couple of PROPOSED RESEARCH PROJECT We recommended to the owner that possessing a system for his or her business is way better than undertaking their business manually. It can benefit them a whole lot, not for each of our good however for the good of their business, as we said this lessen the effort and of course it makes their business easier.

As a way the conversation goes, we all suggest these to use our bodies. We recommended the system that we get and that was your café manila system. We know that there is a problem in cafe` manila with the abiliyy to the operating system (windows).

Yet we do our utmost to make their business much better than before and to help make it our system job and very useful. 2 . installment payments on your 1 STANDARD OBJECTIVES To upgrade the organization of a computer shop employing café manila and to lessen the work of the owner. 2 . 2 . a couple of SPECIFICS OBJECTIVES 2 . installment payments on your 4 STRATEGY We examine many articles about the cyber café. We request different owner of a computer system shop about our issue. We study how to fix our problem about the compatibility.

We all discover that the vast majority of owner of a computer shop was using the free café manila program. 2 out of 10 owners was the only user of café manila with the permit. Café manila with qualified was cost a lot of money, and it is renewable yearly. Renewing a license and buying a process was one other expenses. Rather than all the owner of a computer system shop are able to afford to buy.

Thus they use the free one, but there is also a problem and it is the compatibility on operating system to the café manila, not every the home windows are compatible to café manila. There are several types of café manila and whole lot types of windows, but we search of home windows that are appropriate for our system, it had been the windows XP. The system that we have was the outdated café manila so it was secured and compatible by simply operating system (windows XP).

We installed or windows 7 and set up our downloaded café manila then all of a sudden it works. Unnecessary a lot of money as well as the business was finally improve from manual to modern day. Sometimes locating ways is way better.