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I. Advantages The system design and style project, Enrollment System that will provide the needed and saving information in a faster, more convenient way by storing file of the pupil enrollees within a computer system that will lessen the time and effort of faculty staff in keeping files of each student every so often. This will as well serve as details especially for the irregular pupils, freshmen, transferee, and professor in capable to get access in training course, subject, mentor, and pupil enrollees.

These details here can be viewed in just a second without worrying that a single record is shed. The idea at the rear of a registration system is not really a new principle. As scholar enrollees increase every year, registration procedure become harder to deal. This will likely only in order to increase the problem facing registration that provides simpler way in enrolling.

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This will also be a big help to all of the enrollment personnel especially beneath the computer section because they are one who have entitlement to touch and read the information from here. It helps our institution to have one more system which will upgrade the enrollment techniques so as to fulfill the quality which our institutions making the effort to meet. Today, the use of technology has been an efficient tool upon improving this kind of kind of registration system. With this study, the usage of Visual Simple 6. zero and repository will help to improve the efficiency in the enrollment in the Caloocan Secondary school.

II. Declaration of the Issue Caloocan High School is having problem in the enrollment process because of its current system which is manual which has a generic registration system that is not compatible with the school’s requirements. III. Backdrop of the Research The breakthrough of the laptop was the wonderful function of modernity several application for making work easier, more competent, and more flexible for the humanity.

It has brought a new level of relief of knowing that became the modern standard in the marketplace. It manufactured the school performs more efficient for students and presented path to connect to whole earth. Today, computer primarily based system is widely used by every single company and institution and one of this is actually the computerized registration system.

Automate Enrollment Method is the need to have system within a school. It is a convenient way of storing and retrieving details of a college student that provides less difficult way of enrolling. Caloocan High School is one of the general public schools that used a manual method for enrollment program. Computerized registration system is right now used by the universities, schools and other companies. The group decided to create an registration system to minimize the work load of the archivar and ecuries and provide accurate information of students when necessary.

Computerized enrollment system is very useful for both the firm and college students because it rather give an effective and effective approach for both the students and schools 4. PURPOSE The purpose of the Electronic Enrollment strategy is that they can sign up easier and faster than using a manual process to enrolled.